Weekend Welcome Project

I don’t know about you guys but I can’t wait for warmer weather.  I know it is just right around the corner right?  Until then I will continue my indoor project.  A few months ago I found this cute chalk board sign.  I’m not sure what I was going to do with it but it was on sale so naturally I had to buy it.  Finally after being inside due to the cold weather I decided I was going to make a Welcome sign.  I had the jute yarn, hot glue gun an chain.  In my head I pictured adding these pretty flowers made out of burlap.  I stalked Hobby Lobby until they went on sale and once they did I bought quite a few- check out the garage post to see the hanging flower pot on the front porch to see how I used the other flowers.  OK back to the sign- it is real simple- Ready… Use the glue gun to attach the jute yarn… Glue the flowers to the back of the sign… Glue the chain to the back… Hang and you are DONE!  Easy right??  Happy Crafting and don’t forget to follow Southern Grace Life on Instagram and Twitter for more pictures and crazy everyday life moments.

Snow Day Project

If you are looking for a quick and easy project to tackle while you are stuck at home during the “Snow Atlanta 2015” then try this out.  Here is all you need…
Mason Jar
Hot Glue Gun
Spray Paint
Small Nail
Soap Dispenser Top {I used one that I had from a Bath & Body Works bottle}
First things first, clean the mason jar.  After you have a clean mason jar you are ready to use the glue gun to write whatever you want {I went with love. and hope.}  I have an obsession with adding a period after single words for craft project {see Garage Door Accent}.  This will only take a few minutes to dry.  Next you want to punch a hole in the top of the mason jar lid.  I traced a circle then I used a small nail and hammered tiny holes along the traced circle.  After you have punched out the hole take your items outside or in a ventilated garage and spray paint them.  Allow the items 4 hours to dry.  Once you have tested to make sure all items are dry hot glue the soap dispenser top to the the top of the mason jar top.  Add soap in the new dispenser, screw on the top and viola you have a brand new soap dispenser.  

I had to stop for a Hot Chocolate break!!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Crafting!

Garage Renovation {Part 1}

This is going to be a 2 part blog post and possibly more than that.  I have lots of plans for the garage but I am working at a slower pace on this project so I will update accordingly.  First before we get into the Garage Renovation can I just say how much I love the show Fixer Upper!  Chip and Jo are hilarious and Chip reminds me of my husband- crazy and funny.  I just hope Trent never eats a dead cockroach that he finds in a vacant home {anyone else see that episode}. 
OK back on track…  Our garage has been our storage/extra room since we moved in.  Going from a home that was over 4,000 square feet to our now 1,600 square ft home has been a little challenging but I think we have made it work.  Our garage has an extra room that I have made into my craft/storage room.  It is a work in progress but here is what I have done so far~

Fresh paint on the walls
New Floor
Add additional shelving
Install new desk (given to us from my aunt and uncle)
Fix electrical {by fixing I mean we learned you just have to hit the wall sometimes to make it work}

Still to do…
Install pretty light fixture
Create a better storage system on the shelves
Add shelf to hang clothing projects on

For now I am pretty pleased but you be the judge…

As for the garage… We have come a long way since we moved in.  Here is the list of completed items

Get new garage door
Replace the light over the garage door
Add new storage system

I absolutely love our new insulated garage door.  I think it makes the whole house really come together.  The paint color was one I found in the oops paint section at Home Depot.  Love the color and for $9 I really love the price.  Of course after I painted I had to go back and put a fresh coat on the baseboards.  I know it is our garage but I am hoping to have this as an extra space/room when we have parties.  I convinced my husband it was the “man” room ;).
Now for the new cabinets…  Recently my aunt and uncle bought a new house and they gutted out the kitchen to remodel.  I owe them tons because I was able to get these beautiful cabinets to put in my garage for extra storage and work space.  We still need to get a top for one of the sets but not bad for free huh!!!!  Then I added a few extra touches and here you have it, our new and improved garage.  Like I said this will be a two part post so stay tuned to the updated version.

Thanks for stopping by!